What Is Cultural Marxism?

That’s Alberto Gonzales’s description of the Division of Justice that will work tirelessly to supply these sorts of authorized opinions Having labored at OLC for many years, I genuinely cannot even think about what it will be like to come to work every day with a mandate to produce this form of legal recommendation. I’m additionally at that age where my friends’ kids are graduating from school. Two of my own kids are in college. I speak to friends about what their younger grownup children are going to do after commencement. Everyone seems to be hopeful that a job will likely be discovered rapidly. One friend of mine has a daughter who lined up an excellent engineering job before she graduated. This young woman was more than simply lucky – she was decided and a go-getter.

This is just another use of propaganda utilized by the left. I’ve checked other sources that had principally the same. North Dakota truly has the 3rd highest IQ rates, whereas Hawaii is at about… forty seventh. And there is clearly no demographics mentioned right here. And I have never checked any articles linked to any politics. Fact is, it’s extra of a demographics issue than it is a political problem. So surprise here that atheists tend to be smarter. North Dakota has one of many highest standards of dwelling in the US. They can not be presumably compared to majority black Alabama. And since blacks have decrease IQs than whites it means one thing. And California has one of many lowest IQs btw. forty eighth place. Wow. Sad try and push leftist neoliberal agenda.

Because the labour market becomes extra specialised and require larger ranges of skill, governments and businesses are more and more investing in the future of vocational education by means of … Read More ...